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ChiroWay strives to be a leader in the chiropractic profession by providing services that set our network of chiropractors apart from the rest.

Training in the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic that have been tools of success for chiropractors serving their communities.
Owner/Operator Business Model
Operation manual and tools to own and operate your own business with little to no employee help.
Marketing Assistance
Professional and relevant marketing material to help educate your community on the benefits from lifetime chiropractic care.
Low Overhead
Operate a low overhead chiropractic practice with focus on referrals and retention and let the practice build itself through a proven model.
Loyal Franchise Support
ChiroWay Franchise was developed from the ground up by owner operator and has committed to provide franchisees with the same support that was needed for the first ChiroWay location.
Commitment to the Chiropractic Objective
A chiropractic company that supports the chiropractic objective; locating, analyzing, and correcting vertebral subluxations to express the body’s innate intelligence.

Additional Services Include:

  • 1Initial Training
  • 3Center Design and Layout
  • 5Custom Software and Reporting
  • 7Phone System
  • 9Merchant Processing Assistance
  • 2Supplemental Training
  • 4Online/Social Media Tools
  • 6Marketing and Branding
  • 8Refresher Training
  • 10Direct Contact with Franchisor