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Thank you for your time and interest. Please use this application to communicate why you would be a positive addition to ChiroWay’s family of Chiropractors.

Any information detailed on this form will be treated in a strictly confidential manner. ChiroWay Franchise, LLC utilizes the information provided on this form for the sole purpose of evaluating prospective franchisees, and will not sell or provide this information to any other party without written consent of the applicant. Please note that although every possible precaution is taken to protect the confidentiality of the application form, ChiroWay Franchise, LLC and its affiliates and their employees cannot be held responsible in the event that the information contained in this application is obtained by a third party.

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    THE UNDERSIGNED APPLICANT (“APPLICANT”) CERTIFIES THAT THE INFORMATION IN THIS APPLICATION IS TRUE AND ACCURATE, AND UNDERSTANDS THAT THE INFORMATION PROVIDED WILL BE RELIED UPON BY CHIROWAY FRANCHISE, LLC. Applicant agrees to promptly notify ChiroWay Franchise, LLC of any material changes to the information provided. Applicant understands that the granting of a franchise is at the sole discretion of ChiroWay Franchise, LLC and that acceptance of this application is not a granting of a franchise. Franchises are granted only by execution of a written Franchise Agreement. Applicant understands that any information received from ChiroWay Franchise, LLC or from any employee, agent, or franchisee of ChiroWay Franchise, LLC, is highly confidential (“Confidential Information”), has been developed with a great deal of effort and expense to ChiroWay Franchise, LLC and is being made available to Applicant solely because of this application. Applicant agrees to treat and maintain all Confidential Information as confidential, and shall not, at any time, without the express written consent of ChiroWay Franchise, LLC disclose, publish, or divulge any Confidential Information to any person, firm, corporation or entity, or use any Confidential Information, directly, for Applicant’s own benefit or the benefit of any person, firm, corporation or other entity, other than for the benefit of ChiroWay Franchise, LLC. Applicant authorizes the release of any information deemed necessary by ChiroWay Franchise, LLC to verify any and all of the information contained in this application. This authorization for release of information includes but is not limited to matters of opinion relating to Applicant’s background, mode of living, credit worthiness, character, ability, reputation and past performance. Applicant authorizes all persons, schools, companies, corporation, credit bureaus, and law enforcement agencies to release such information without restriction of qualification to investigatory parties selected by ChiroWay Franchise, LLC, any of its officers, agents, employees and servants. Applicant voluntarily waives all recourse and releases them from liability for complying with this authorization. This authorization and release shall apply to this as well as any future information request. Applicant authorizes that a photocopy or facsimile of this authorization and release be considered as valid as the original.
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