Tuesday, June 25

6:00pm – 8:00pm

ChiroWay of Woodbury

Add certainty to your Chiropractic Analysis!

Join us as Dr. Trent Scheidecker, DC mentors you on the philosophy, science and art of Advanced Muscle Palpation during this two hour, hands on workshop!

Dr. Nick Spano, DC has documented the relationship between muscular patterns of activity and the vertebral subluxation. Learn a technique that will help you locate, analyze, and adjust vertebral subluxation.

By figuring out and knowing what the body’s Innate Intelligence wants will give the adjuster a clear, concise way to adjust each and every person.

ATTN: Only 12 Student Capacity – Reserve Your Seat Now!

“Advanced Muscle Palpation (AMP) is a must take seminar for anyone that wants certainty in knowing WHEN and also in knowing WHERE to adjust. The science behind AMP is only overshadowed by the beauty of how it matches the philosophy of chiropractic. The neurological mechanisms that protect and maintain our bodies are among the most advanced within the human body and yet fundamental to our very existence. AMP has been able to translate that scientific understanding into a succinct method that is able to read the muscles of the spine (and the subluxations that they are attempting to correct), with precision. This provides a simple to read road map of certainty. Being able to use the mechanisms of the CNS to guide your analysis makes the process simple and straightforward. And then KNOWING that you had aided in the adjustment (as opposed to randomly pushing on the spine) was truly worth the price of admission for the seminar – the proof was in the post check! I was able to start implementing it right away and it quickly became my primary method of analysis. I have yet to find any contradictions with other methods and it seems to blend seamlessly with all types of adjusting, including upper cervical. I believe that AMP should be the primary method of analysis for every chiropractor regardless of adjusting technique. I’ve been using Advanced Muscle Palpation for only about a month now but it has already improved my confidence in knowing EXACTLY when and where to adjust.”

- Dr. Matt Allen