About ChiroWay Franchise

ChiroWay Franchise was founded and formed on May 3, 2012 by Trent Scheidecker, DC. Dr. Trent has been the President since the inception of ChiroWay Franchise. Dr. Trent has also been the owner and proprietor of ChiroWay Of Woodbury, PLLC, “CWP”. Since CWP’s inception, and its head chiropractor since it began business operations in May 2010. Our principal place of business is 10150 City Walk Drive, Suite C1, Woodbury, Minnesota 55129; telephone number is 877.442.4476.

We sell franchises to qualified individuals who must earn a Doctor of Chiropractic and be licensed to practice in the state in which they wish to establish a franchise prior to opening a franchise. We sell franchises for the operation of Centers that offer chiropractic care and services under the name “ChiroWay” to individuals and families using monthly subscription and one-time visit payment options for communities to experience regular chiropractic adjustments.

Business Affiliates

 Our predecessor and affiliate is ChiroWay of Woodbury, PLLC, “CWP”  founded by Trent Scheidecker, DC.  CWP has the same business address and phone number as ChiroWay Franchise.  CWP has operated a ChiroWay Center similar to the franchise being offered at that address, since May 2010 by Dr. Trent.

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